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{INSIDER} 7th of May, 2019

Hi, Justine here! I have to mention what a great women's team and ministry I get to be a part of! I'm not often in 7de Laan, but the Tuesday nights with our core group of about 7-10 women is a special highlight for me. Linda, Phoebe, Trix and sometimes spontaneous helpers/ volunteers /visitors have created a special atmosphere of peace, inspiration and creativity in the recent months. A big focus of this evening is to promote a closer bond - a sisterhood - among us women. Often, jealousy, gossip and quarrels make life in the community very lonely. Through games, creative projects (as pictured for Easter), spiritual input and of course a looooot of tea, we have been able to feel a "drawing closer" over the past few weeks - a sincere care for each other, a listening and an openness for which we are very grateful to God!

In our larger team, we have often talked about how much harder it is for women than men to break free from the cycle of drugs, poverty, gangs or unhealthy relationships. Most of them carry the sole responsibility for the family, especially their children. Simply handing it over (and the question is always ... to whom?) and going to a rehab (which often does not welcome children) may seem like abandonment. And of course we encourage them not to just leave their children behind - though they really do need the intervention. It is really complicated and it always requires an individual solution...

But it is not impossible, as the example of Ashre shows. She has successfully completed a rehab and even though the reintegration was bumpy, God has sustained her and provided her with a temporary home, where she can prepare for a new future with her son. We try to continue journeying with her as a team. But just like for all the other women (and men, and children, and families) in the communities, we ask for a lot of prayer for wisdom, ideas, open doors, and above all, sustainable solutions that empower women like Ashre to lead independent, healthy lives and reach their full potential!


{INSIDER} 16th of April 2019

Ahhh, how can it be that we have skipped a whole month of updates??? Time's running! You can see that in today's Insider too - why have our children grown so much?

We often get asked how our "missionary children" are involved in our work. This is an interesting question and the answer to that has developed quite a bit over the years. From a young age Naomi, Noah and Leon have definitely visited the communities and have no fear of contact with the people or the difficult circumstances that are so obvious there. We often and openly speak about the challenges that poverty, trauma, violence, gangs and drug addiction pose for people. Ever tried to explain what Crystal Meth does to the brain in a child-friendly way?

Even so, in the early years, especially as infants, it was really hard to involve the three of them. At Sibongile, it was often loud and crazy, which only made our kids louder and crazier - conversations and meetings became impossible. In 7de Laan it was even more challenging because either we could not keep up a conversation with someone without our eldest picking up sensitive information or the youngest putting questionable objects from the sandy ground into his mouth.

But in the last couple of years, we've noticed that it has become easier to engage the kids in concrete tasks, which really lets them get something tangible done - which is a good feeling for anyone and especially children. Whether packing stationery packages for schoolchildren, catching and weighing fish in the Aquaponics system, distributing food for Christmas, making pesto and labelling jars or scratching together their allowance money to help fire victims ... The three understand what it's about, can tackle it practically and can see a result at the end of the day. At the same time, they know it takes so much more than food packages to solve people's problems. To find the balance is often a topic we discuss around the dinner table.

It's not always idyllic as a family in missions, and the kids can whine and moan when they don't feel like going to 7de Laan. We would also like to pray more with the children for the people. However, all we can hope for and trust is that these little steps are the start of developing the lifelong habit of giving, serving and loving in our children.


{INSIDER} 16. Februar 2019

Wir haben ja ein mega tolles Team an Langzeitmitarbeitern, die ein großer Segen für die Menschen in 7de Laan und um zu sind. Aufgrund dessen, dass unsere Arbeit auf Vertrauen aufbaut, sind wir eher zögerlich Kurzzeitvolontäre anzunehmen. Doch manchmal... manchmal hat man so das Gefühl, man sollte mal "ja" zu Leuten sagen, die nur für kurze Zeit mithelfen können. Und manchmal berichten wir über diese tollen Leute. Wie im Falle von Matthias und Deborah.

Durch einen gemeinsamen Freund haben sie unseren Kontakt bekommen und als sie auf ihrer Weltreise gerade in Sri Lanka waren, haben wir uns über Skype "kennengelernt". Kurze Zeit später holten wir sie in Kapstadt vom Flughafen ab, und dann wars auch schon so, als kannten wir uns Jahre. Debbie und Matze entpuppten sich als die absoluten Pesto-machenden, Etikett-entfwerfenden, Kinder-bespaßenden, Foto-knipsenden, Abendessen-kochenden, tiefe-Fragen-stellenden, Einkäufe-erledigenden, Menschen-liebenden Oberknaller.

Sie waren nicht nur für uns als Familie ein großer Segen, sondern haben z.B. auch die harte Arbeit unserer Mitarbeiter gesehen und mit Hilfe des JMEM Köln Teams (auch so unglaubliche Oberknaller) einen Nachmittag der Wertschätzung organisiert, einfach nur, um ihnen für ihre wichtige Arbeit zu danken.

Somit Danke zurück an Euch, Debby und Matze! Es war toll mit Euch und ihr hinterlasst weit mehr gute Erinnerungen als nur das schicke Pesto Etikett!



Merry Christmas from the Spalke Family!

Dear Family & Friends

We wish you a blessed Christmas time with a contemplative focus on the greatest gifts of all - the King, who came as a human baby, to be with us! And may you experience this God-With-Us in the new year, sensing Him continuously by your side.

With the warmest greetings from South Africa,

Marco, Justine, Naomi, Noah and Leon


{INSIDER} 20th of December 2018

Only 11 more days and the new year will begin. The last few months have been packed with exciting and hard work, so we can start 2019 strong and focused - and get a peaceful rest in between. Here are the recent highlights:

{top} Marco was invited by YWAM Athens to speak on their DTS (Discipleship Training School) for a week on mercy ministry and community development - the very thing he lives and breathes every day here in South Africa. It has been very intense, but so refreshing for him to be able to pass on some of his knowledge, experience and most importantly love for people in need in such a different way. The top right picture doesn't show Marco with a tan (in case you wondered), but Ray from the 7de Laan Men's Group! He has gone through rehab, started a DTS in Cape Town in September and headed on outreach to Athens, just days before Marco arrived there. Ray had no clue that Marco was in the same city, so Marco surprised him with a visit and an invitation to share his testimony with the DTS students that Marco was spending the week with! It was such a powerful moment to see all the "theory" the students had just heard become real in front of their own eyes. Because that was exactly the message - it is not about theory or programmes, it is about Jesus meeting and loving people in their need. Thank you, Ray, for being so spontaneous and inspiring with your powerful testimony of transformation!

{bottom left} This is just one little photo of the maaaaany meetings the HOSA Board of Management and the whole HOSA team has had in the last 2 months. We have worked very hard at Strategic Planning on board level, streamlining our vision, mission, values and core strategies as an organisation and then moved on to Action Planning with all the different HOSA teams working across Cape Town. We still have some work to do  in order to have a concrete plan in place to work with the next 3-5 years. But sometimes half the job is done when you really look into fixing any weakness or inconsistencies in your foundation, so that whatever you build on top of that remains strong and sustainable. Many thanks to Toby Brouwer, our Coach & Facilitator Extraordinaire - you are a God-sent with your wisdom and experience and annoyingly challenging questions. You have gently pushed us to reach for the best God has for HOSA!

{bottom right} The year wouldn't be complete without some kind of end of year celebration out in the communities - this time a Camp Road Christmas Service! We partnered with our friends from the 9 Miles Project and almost 400 people came from the different communities we work with beyond 7de Laan, hearing beautiful music, a powerful and moving message, receiving prayer and a delicious meal to take away. The "Power Filled Girls" from the afterschool program that is happening weekly in 7de Laan were so brave and beautiful, performing a song and dance in front of such a big crowd. We are now taking a two week break from any regular things running at Hope Centre, but our whole team will take turns saying hello to people and keeping the fish in the aquaponics system alive.


{INSIDER} 4th of October 2018

The Hope Center lives up to its name right now: it's truly a living place of concrete hope!

1. Unfortunately the night before yesterday, a fire broke out in 7de Laan, which destroyed 8 houses. Thankfully, all residents, including many children, have come away unscathed. Within hours, donation goods were dropped off and sorted at the Hope Center yesterday, food prepared for those affected, a diaper changing station set up, and the immediate visit of our local councillor immediately contacted the city to remove the debris and basic structure kits were delivered. At the moment, there is no need for further help, as donations are still coming in. We are just thankful for our great team and the many helpers who were ready to get their hands in there help. And for a place where that can happen safely and peacefully. That's love in action.

2. Two weeks ago, the new classroom for the Hope School was delivered under the supervision of a fascinated, small audience! Finally, there is not so much noise between the classes, which were otherwise only separated by a sliding door in the large double room. There will also be a small office and meeting room, which is urgently needed for the many activities in the Hope Center.

3. The Cherish Ladies Nights are in full swing on Tuesday nights at the Hope Center. On one of our first evenings, we asked for the ladies' expectations for this 13 week course ... "I want to relax," many said. Now 9 weeks have passed, we have a dedicated core group of 10-15 women and the atmosphere is really full of peace and openness. What a gift! I (Justine) had the honor to speak on three evenings, which was great fun but also seriously challenging at times.

4. There is a lot of activity in the greenhouse as well: the new Aquaponics system is being set up! The large fish tanks are already in place, the walls are lined with the tube beds, and the middle hosts the containers for the floating beds so that the space is used entirely. Safety nets will obviously be installed on the pools, because the Hope School children will also have their own small garden and will therefore often visit the greenhouse. We hope to start a commercial business with the produce to sustainably finance the Hope Center.



{INSIDER} 2nd of August 2018

We have realised - again - how long it's been since our last update! The reason is simply that there has been soooo much going on in our lives, on many levels. Here is just a glimpse into the ministry side of things:

The preschool Hope School is now filled with 40 registered children and we will be adding another classroom soon. "A Heart for Children" and a Dutch church have made this possible through their generous donation. However, we have already extended our school a bit by creating an additional outside space through an outdoor awning, so that the children have a bigger play area during bad weather and also to have more room to run our other programs.

The aquaponics garden will soon get a new face. The old greenhouses will be passed on to one of our partners and soon a 16m x 4m greenhouse will be built on site. We hope that with this construction we will be able to provide the soup kitchen and preschool with even more healthy food and vegetables. In addition to that we hope to sell some of our products in organic food stores. This is another way to minimize our running costs of the preschool and soup kitchen.

Our men & women ministry is developing so well. More and more participants have decided to turn their back on drugs. We now drive weekly to the Christian rehab center to either bring people, pick them up for weekends out or to visit them. The ladies are starting a 13 week evening program next week which will cover topics like identity, health and sexuality. We are really amazed at how some people are truly grasping new hope and changing their lives with Jesus.

All this would not be possible if God had not brought great partners on our side. With a big donation from Wings of Support we are able to keep partnering with Hands & Feet to keep running the family preservation and strengthening programs. Through Hands & Feet we also have the blessing of a full-time social worker now, who's expertise and legal authority is really making a positive impact on the oh so big problems of many broken families.


{INSIDER} 6th of July 2018

In the last two weeks the women's ministry in 7de Laan took a break to make space for an amazing Initiative, that a lot of women joined, who I (Justine) get to be with every week in our ladies' meeting. Here are the infos we just posted on the HOSA Facebook page:

"This year, we had the privilege to work together with "The Mama Project" again! Around 30 women from different places and backgrounds took part, the majority from 7de Laan! The theme this time was water shortage, memories, what we carry, what we hope for (see rainbow and sun!). At the end all the different dances, movements, songs, thoughts and art works culminated in a beautiful play called "Together We Can". The ladies took so much pride (and newly discovered talents!) in performing it in two different places. We can already tell, just two days after the moving final celebration, that many women have new hope and inspiration to change their lives and faith to reach out for their dreams and goals again! A huge thank you to the amazing Mama Project Team for all your hard work, creativity and huge passion!"

For me personally, it was fascinating to watch the ladies come out of their shell and shine because a challenge was set before them (the big performance). The chance to be creative, to share their stories and find out that women who are different still share so many similarities - no matter the skin color or bank statement - was truly revolutionary for them. Our women's ministry team will spend the rest of the year picking up and carrying on from what started here - more to that soon!


{INSIDER} 25th of May 2018

We have been back in South Africa for a week and look back on two beautiful, albeit intense months in Germany. This collage is just a mini-insight into our encounters and experiences. A lot of things - especially the personal, relational stuff - could not be photographed at all and words also fail me. The fact is: we are grateful for every person with whom we were allowed to spend valuable (and always too little) time because we felt so enriched with each encounter. And of course we hope that we were able to  "leave" something as well.

We had barely arrived in Cape Town and life was already back to full speed - emergency meetings, a birthday party (Leon turned 5!), our ministries in 7de Laan, Annual Report for HOSA, then this afternoon the Annual General Meeting, with almost twice as many participants as expected squeezing into our living room (a good problem to have!). So we were glad to have planned the last 2 weeks of our trip as a holiday in Italy where we had an exciting and also relaxing buffer between our two home countries. It definitely never gets boring with God!


{INSIDER} 28th of March 2018

Just super quick hello from us! On the 14th of March, these two gentlemen in the bottom picture left for (rather cold!) Germany to begin our bi-annual leave (for official reasons, long story). Leon joined him as a surprise for the grandparents - we have now successfully managed a surprise trip like this with all the kids, wohaa! Naomi, Noah and I will fly out tomorrow. Together we will be around our hometown until end of April, then head South and finally be back home mid May.
We are so proud of our amazing team that is making sure everything keeps running smoothly in 7de Laan and the surrounding communities. Thanks so much to all of you! #ubuntu #teamwork #cold #whereisspring #germany #family #imofftokeeponpacking


{INSIDER} 12th of January, 2018

Happy New Year! In December, we decided not to overwhelm your already overflowing inboxes and Facebook feeds by sending our news. We did, however, take some time amidst the busy pre-Christmas schedule, to take a look back and ahead. Here's just a small selection of some of our personal highlights: 

{1} The kids are ever growing and ever energetic. Naomi is starting 4th grade now, is very creative and so excited about joining a drama group this year. Noah will begin grade 2, is our athletic one and gets to join the competition level in artistic gymnastics this year. Leon just learned how to ride a bicycle and is counting down the days until preschool starts again - it will be his last year before he joins our homeschool shenanigans.  

{2} Ricky's baptism was just a small highlight in this relationship-heavy year. The developments in some people (mostly men!) to choose a better life through drug rehab or addressing their unhealthy life patterns was really special. Because of gang dynamics we cannot share all the names, but we praise the Lord for every single valuable person, every single step in the right direction. Stop for the one! 

{3} The same is true for the women's group that I am a part of. A handful of women join in, eager for more of God, more for their lives. We journey with them and let God lead us together. We have realized how much work it is to build trust - and how quickly it can be broken again. But even that is a good exercise in God's love and forgiveness. We are also looking forward to welcome ladies from the other surrounding communities this year.

{4} The year came to an end with the Christmas party, preschool graduation and many, MANY changes in our team. But in everything we keep being so thankful for every person God has brought into this team - because we know how to work together (as our spontaneous nativity play showed ;)) We are all learning a lot - most of all to rely on Jesus with all our strengths and weaknesses!

{5} Us two... We came to the end of ourselves. We grew. We took on challenges. We made mistakes. We pushed one another, built each other up, reminded each other of the truth and drove each other up the wall. He is the best thing that ever happened to me. And I like to remind him that he could never afford me ;) We have probably never grown as close together as we have this year... and are very thankful to the Lord for this season of solidifying and maturing our marriage.

{6} To watch the Hope School this year was a real highlight!  It's our most consistent project where our team spends the most amount of time with the children from the community. And it shows! The graduation was so moving because we were celebrating all that was invested into these precious kids. Now it's all about staying in touch with the families and praying for all these seeds to grow and blossom!

{7} In August, I was able to help out at the Mama Project, a creative initiative for the 7de Laan and Sibongile women which culminated in a big exhibition. It was really special to see all these people, with whom we obviously share history and memories, gathered under one roof, collaborating and creating. It has also sparked new hope, appreciation and understanding for themselves and one another. Our friends from the US will be organising another Mama Project in June 2018!

{8} Marco's personal highlight this year was a visit to a Discipleship Training School in Norway in November. He was invited by our former base leader to teach on the topic of Community Development for a week. So straightforward on the one side (when you've worked in this field for so many years) and so challenging on the other! As you can see by the creative application in the background, it all centered around LOVE, because without God's love our work has no motor and no purpose. This week brought some major breakthroughs for Marco, in different areas, almost as if new realms have been unlocked. We are curious to see what that looks like in the future.


{INSIDER} 8th of November 2017

Through God's work in recent months, we have experienced a great deal of breakthrough in the various ministries. A very big prayer request was the HOSA Bus (b.l.), which is now traveling in the gangster areas of Cape Town under the leadership of Rene and his team. In our 7de Laan computer classes (b.r.) we had three, at most five, participants a few months ago. Today, the 16 computers are fully occupied on both training days a week - sometimes even beyond. Our preschool had 10 to 12 children at the beginning of the year. Now the number has increased to 23 children.

Some of these breakthroughs can look "small" to the onlooker but when one knows the context it becomes something very special. For example, we've had a lot of families from 7de Laan attend the 8-week Strengthening Families Course (t.l.) where - in some cases for the first time - parents and children have played games or talked about feelings.  
Then Ricky, who we've been journeying with for a while and who has been in a drug rehab for the last weeks, had his first weekend out. He wanted to spend time with his friends and family from 7de Laan over a meal and fellowship (t.r.). So many very shocked and moved to tears to see him still clean and positive about his life.

It's these small big rays of light that give us lots of courage and hope amidst the often overwhelming circumstances and challenges: Jesus moves and he has a plan!


{INSIDER} 3rd of October 2017

"Stop for the ONE!"

When we first heard this phrase in Mozambique five years ago (t's been soooo long!) the concept grabbed our hearts. To put aside whatever programs, plans and goals we have and attend to the person whose path God has crossed with ours. To listen, keep our eyes open and especially not assume coincidences. This is the essence of the Gospel, since it's pretty much what Jesus did every day - to love your neighbor. No matter who, no matter where. And then crazy things happened, because God could do His thing as the right opportunities were ceased. We can all experience this today... 

...except - it's so dang hard! We are so challenged because we've got stuff to do (we're not alone, right?). How do I stop for the one when I have my kids in tow? Or we have to be at XYZ on time? When I'm in the middle of a meeting or my train is about to go? How do I stop for the one, when I have exactly nothing to give, God seems far away and I don't even have answers to my own questions?

We are certainly no experts but three things we know for sure: there is no formula, it takes courage and it's always a blessing. Every time God asks us to talk to or spend time with someone it looks differently and the challenges are different in the moment. Secondly, it always takes quite an effort because we often ask ourselves "what on earth will this person think of me?" or the classic one "did I really hear God or just imagine this?!". And lastly, it always ends up being a blessing. Either because the person reacts positively and it becomes clear that he or she experienced God's love (and not necessarily with words!). On the other hand, when there's no reaction (or only a negative one), you end up blessed because you just did it and your faith grows. 

Many people think that we do this all day long because we are missionaries. Far from it! Most of our days are filled with a million mundane jobs, meetings, cooking, project planning, groceries, school work, accounting, laundry, applications and emails, paperwork and quarreling kids - so it's not easy! We want to grow in stopping for the one. How about you?

Photo: A happy kiddies-bandaid-recipient at one of our wellness days, offered weekly at Hope Centre.


{INSIDER} 22nd of August 2017

In the last two weeks we had the honor to witness a wonderful spectacle. Our friends Sara and Johan from the US, who worked at Sibongile for one year in 2012, brought a team of their creative and loving friends to Cape Town to do "The Mama Project" with women from various cultures, faiths and communities. On 5 different days they offered creative workshops with lots of music, singing and food where (amongst others) the mamas from Sibongile and many women from 7de Laan painted, danced, created, told their stories and laughed. On the second last evening everyone was invited to an unbelievable musical in Cape Town - the first time for most of them - and the grande finale came of the Mama Project was the Final Exhibition, where the ladies could proudly present their work in front of some 50 guests.

This time was so special for Marco and I. On the one side, we had the privilege to simply join our 7de Laan ladies in their experience without having to organize anything (that was a nice albeit unusual feeling!). But most importantly, this was the first time the people from two very important seasons in our life and ministry were gathered under one roof and blossomed together. To hear their stories and God's faithfulness in them, and to see that women from such different background have so much in common was very moving. Many thanks to our old - and many new! - friends from Boston for making this unforgettable time possible for each participant!


{INSIDER} 21st of July 2017

In the fall and winter it's much quieter around here. There are less visitors and teams and we can focus more on the ministry again. These are also the months in which we have more time as a couple to process our thoughts and plans, ask God, fill the soul (and declutter cupboards!). Where and how do we do this, when pretty much all our work is about these things just for other people? So there's a few ways.

On the one side, we regularly visit the church/worship services  of our local church and YWAM base (the last one if we manage in the evenings with the kids). We are also blessed with lots of churches that run conference and events that we sometimes attend. Marco meets some friends weekly to pray and process with, where they encourage one another and ask for God's guidance for their lives and families. Justine meets with some women from our team and others every Monday, simply to spend time with Jesus and be there for one another. Thursdays is the Bible Study for the ladies in 7de Laan, which has become a surprising oasis for Justine, giving her a lot of input and inspiration from God's word. Surprising, because usually you consider "giving" as emptying... but with God usually things are pretty upside down ;) 

Lastly there's the simply fellowship with Jesus - every day, just so, at the washing line, in the car, at the supermarket till. Yes, we do aim to have regular times with God and in the Bible. But because there's definitely room to grow here for us - and because our relationship with Jesus shouldn't just rely on that - we try to just speak with him throughout the day, keep our ears open to the guidance of his Spirit and to take each moment, each person that comes our way as a gift straight out of his hands.


{INSIDER} 14th of June 2017

Lately, we feel like we've sent out a lot of "official" ministry news, but before we go a little more personal again we just have to share those one bit of wonderful-ness with you: The HOSA movie is here!

Some of you have seen it already during René's and Marco's Germany tour in May. Those who would like to see it (again) please hop on over HERE. Not all ministry areas are being listed because this clip was more about showing HOSA's values and vision and to encourage you, the viewer, that God is doing Big Things in South Africa. It was also on our heart to share our gratitude for the fact that we may be part of this with our two fish and five loaves. Happy watching, liking and sharing!


{INSIDER} 5th of May 2017

Last Marco and our friend and HOSA colleague René travelled to Germany to do some PR work for our organisation and connect with people who are interested and potentially would like to get involved on a board level. They will be up and down the whole country for two and a half weeks in total, although the focus is not so much on big, open presentations but rather to build and strengthen personal relationships with people who could imagine to volunteer their time and ideas at HOSA in Germany. If you are in the country (or you wanna fly in for that, ha!) there's still two events happening for the spontaneous amongst you:

On May 7, 6pm at Jesustreff Stuttgart
On May 12, 7pm Charity Concert at Jupp dem Erlebnisbiergarten in Haltern (for tickets please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

We are excited to see the work of HOSA grow in South Africa and are hoping to see similar growth on the German side in order to have more passionate people to carry the vision and all these developments with us!


{INSIDER} 13th of March 2017

It is March! And time is running as fast as stuff is happening on our side. That's why today's news are a small collection of insights:

{top} On Saturday almost all the girl who attended the Dignity Day joined us back at Hope Centre to collect their menstrual cups or washable pads. They got a quick demo of how to wash the latter and also how to hang them on the washing line discreetly - a very real challenge when you live in a crowded community.  Some deep conversations came up as well and we hope to continue those. We are hopeful that the girls will keep being this positive and open and that we can challenge them to more lasting change!

{below left} Sure enough 2/5th of us got their visa!!! We are so grateful! The visas of our three kids are still stuck at Home Affairs but we are confident that we will get a positive outcome soon. We'd appreciate prayers for a quick final spurt ;)

{below right} The lovely Ulrike has been enriching HOSA's Facebook and the Spalke Family life since January and we only have one week left with our friend from Berlin ;( Ulrike helped us a lot with the kids in an au pair like position and slotted in effortlessly as part of the family. But mostly she has cleaned up HOSA's public face and has developed some ideas to keep it up in the future. She will be traveling this beautiful land for a bit next week before she'll head home again. We will miss her lots, it was such a good time!


{INSIDER} 18th of January 2017

Today we are forwarding a wonderful event to you that the ladies team (which Justine is part of) is organising for February in 7de Laan:

"Did you know that 30% of girls in South Africa miss out on school during their monthly period due to lack of sanitary products? Or that 1 out of 3 girls will fall pregnant before the age of 20, dropping out of school as a consequence? Together, we can do something about this! We can empower young girls by teaching them about themselves and their God-given value, their bodies and their rights. We can also provide them with hygienic, safe and re-usable sanitary products to secure their future through education! We are planning to give young girls aged 12-20 from 7de Laan and the surrounding communities this opportunity through “The Dignity Day” - a one-day event focussed on the challenges and needs of young girls in the developing world. Contact us if you want to help change a young girl’s life!"


{INSIDER} 11th of January 2017

"The same procedure as every (three) years, James!" 

Can you believe the time has come again? We submitted our application for renewal of our Temporary Residence Visa today! Like every time you spend weeks getting the right documents together... then printing and copying until the printer catches fire (not quite, but ya know)... and you lay it all out to get an overview... and check... and compare every digit and every date... and double check... And then you get a call mere hours after your appointment to say you filled out the wrong application form for your children. Sigh. 

Thank God (no, really!) there is a facilitation centre linked between us applicants and Home Affairs, so we were notified right away and guided through the necessary changes by very friendly staff. It does mean we have to submit these papers again as a whole family, but then we should know in no more than 10 weeks (or maybe less?!) what the Department of Home Affairs in South Africa has decided. We would be thrilled if you could pray with us! Of course we will keep you oh so very posted!


{INSIDER} 20. November 2016

There are no translations available.

Wir möchten euch  heute einmal zwei unserer Freunde und Sponsoren vorstellen, die mit viel Herz und Kreativität die Arbeit von HOSA in Südafrika unterstützen. In Kinderjahren haben wir immer Buby’s Spezi Shop in Cloppenburg nach der Schule einen  Besuch abgestattet. Heute leiten Markus und seine Frau Carmen  den beliebten Imbiss. Sie haben Platz für die 7de Laan Kochbücher "Real Food Real People" eingeräumt und auch das Weihnachtsessen für 7de Laan unterstützt!

Seid 17 Jahren sind Gabi und Toddy Geldmann mit uns befreundet. Sie leiten heute den Erlebnisbiergarten Jupp in Haltern am See, der gerade zu Deutschland beliebtesten Biergarten gewählt wurde. Das Jupp Team hat ein von Hand gebrautes Weihnachtsbier ("Spiced Black Ale") auf den Markt gebracht und den kompletten Gewinn der Arbeit von HOSA in Südafrika gewidmet!

Im Namen von HOSA möchten wir euch vielen Dank für Eure Arbeit und Euer Herz für die Menschen hier in Südafrika sagen.

Wir wünschen Euch Gottes reichlichen Segen und freuen uns schon Euch bald in Südafrika zu sehen!


{INSIDER} 9th of November 2016

In case fairy lights, chocolate Santa Clauses and the "Jingle Bells" melody in every store haven't reminded you of it yet, let us help you out: it's Christmas soon! And that means it's time to celebrate "God with us" in 7de Laan on the 18th of December. Every big and small resident will have the otherwise rare opportunity to experience some festive fellowship around a delicious three-course meal, the kids will have fun with jumping castles and gifts, and every family will be given a food hamper and a children's Bible as well as the opportunity to pray with one of our team members to lay the new year into God's hands. 

If you would like be a part of this day from far away, we would  be grateful for any donation - either for a children's Bible, a food hamper or a general donation towards the costs of this incredible day! Are you up for it? Here is the link to HOSA's online donation form (simply choose 7de Laan as the subject) or use the banking details stated on the site with "7de Laan Christmas" in the subject line. Thank you in advance for all your help from afar and we are already looking forward to telling you about this year's celebration!


{INSIDER} 14th of October 2016

On Tuesday most of our 7de Laan Team - that is, everyone who works for or in 7de Laan in any given capacity - to fellowship, feedback and pray. As we were going around sharing what's happening in our different departments one theme kept coming up: how blessed and changed we are personally by ministering to the wonderful people of 7de Laan. Not because the work is so very exciting as it might possible look on your computer or phone screen thousands of kilometres away. More so because God is constantly surprising us, drawing us out of our comfort zone, challenging our faith, encouraging and strengthening us to keep going even when we're fed up (yep, we talked about that too).  When everyone was gone, Marco and I kept asking ourselves how it's possible that God would bring such unbelievably diverse, passionate and loving people together... and apparently not be done with that yet?!? He must have a huuuuuge heart for 7de Laan and the surrounding communities - there's not other explanation for such a heap of awesomeness. We are so thankful!


{INSIDER} 30th of September 2016

For almost two years, Sandra and I (Justine) have been walking through 7de Laan in order to speak with the ladies there, to laugh and pray together. As time went by many more wonderful women of God joined our team and starting doing these weekly visits with us. Until the women of 7de Laan began sharing a desire to start a little group just for them, where Jesus would be the centre (well, and also to have something like the men have, hehe...) Yesterday, the big day came: the first 7de Laan Women's Bible Study was launched! We are super excited to meet until the end of the year (for now) and work through the Gospel of Luke together, to pray and worship together and grow closer as a sisterhood. We'd appreciate if you could pray with us that whatever God wants to do in us all during this time will be accomplished!