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{INSIDER} 14th of October 2016

On Tuesday most of our 7de Laan Team - that is, everyone who works for or in 7de Laan in any given capacity - to fellowship, feedback and pray. As we were going around sharing what's happening in our different departments one theme kept coming up: how blessed and changed we are personally by ministering to the wonderful people of 7de Laan. Not because the work is so very exciting as it might possible look on your computer or phone screen thousands of kilometres away. More so because God is constantly surprising us, drawing us out of our comfort zone, challenging our faith, encouraging and strengthening us to keep going even when we're fed up (yep, we talked about that too).  When everyone was gone, Marco and I kept asking ourselves how it's possible that God would bring such unbelievably diverse, passionate and loving people together... and apparently not be done with that yet?!? He must have a huuuuuge heart for 7de Laan and the surrounding communities - there's not other explanation for such a heap of awesomeness. We are so thankful!