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{INSIDER} 11th of January 2017

"The same procedure as every (three) years, James!" 

Can you believe the time has come again? We submitted our application for renewal of our Temporary Residence Visa today! Like every time you spend weeks getting the right documents together... then printing and copying until the printer catches fire (not quite, but ya know)... and you lay it all out to get an overview... and check... and compare every digit and every date... and double check... And then you get a call mere hours after your appointment to say you filled out the wrong application form for your children. Sigh. 

Thank God (no, really!) there is a facilitation centre linked between us applicants and Home Affairs, so we were notified right away and guided through the necessary changes by very friendly staff. It does mean we have to submit these papers again as a whole family, but then we should know in no more than 10 weeks (or maybe less?!) what the Department of Home Affairs in South Africa has decided. We would be thrilled if you could pray with us! Of course we will keep you oh so very posted!