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{INSIDER} 18th of January 2017

Today we are forwarding a wonderful event to you that the ladies team (which Justine is part of) is organising for February in 7de Laan:

"Did you know that 30% of girls in South Africa miss out on school during their monthly period due to lack of sanitary products? Or that 1 out of 3 girls will fall pregnant before the age of 20, dropping out of school as a consequence? Together, we can do something about this! We can empower young girls by teaching them about themselves and their God-given value, their bodies and their rights. We can also provide them with hygienic, safe and re-usable sanitary products to secure their future through education! We are planning to give young girls aged 12-20 from 7de Laan and the surrounding communities this opportunity through “The Dignity Day” - a one-day event focussed on the challenges and needs of young girls in the developing world. Contact us if you want to help change a young girl’s life!"