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{INSIDER} 13th of March 2017

It is March! And time is running as fast as stuff is happening on our side. That's why today's news are a small collection of insights:

{top} On Saturday almost all the girl who attended the Dignity Day joined us back at Hope Centre to collect their menstrual cups or washable pads. They got a quick demo of how to wash the latter and also how to hang them on the washing line discreetly - a very real challenge when you live in a crowded community.  Some deep conversations came up as well and we hope to continue those. We are hopeful that the girls will keep being this positive and open and that we can challenge them to more lasting change!

{below left} Sure enough 2/5th of us got their visa!!! We are so grateful! The visas of our three kids are still stuck at Home Affairs but we are confident that we will get a positive outcome soon. We'd appreciate prayers for a quick final spurt ;)

{below right} The lovely Ulrike has been enriching HOSA's Facebook and the Spalke Family life since January and we only have one week left with our friend from Berlin ;( Ulrike helped us a lot with the kids in an au pair like position and slotted in effortlessly as part of the family. But mostly she has cleaned up HOSA's public face and has developed some ideas to keep it up in the future. She will be traveling this beautiful land for a bit next week before she'll head home again. We will miss her lots, it was such a good time!