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{INSIDER} 21st of July 2017

In the fall and winter it's much quieter around here. There are less visitors and teams and we can focus more on the ministry again. These are also the months in which we have more time as a couple to process our thoughts and plans, ask God, fill the soul (and declutter cupboards!). Where and how do we do this, when pretty much all our work is about these things just for other people? So there's a few ways.

On the one side, we regularly visit the church/worship services  of our local church and YWAM base (the last one if we manage in the evenings with the kids). We are also blessed with lots of churches that run conference and events that we sometimes attend. Marco meets some friends weekly to pray and process with, where they encourage one another and ask for God's guidance for their lives and families. Justine meets with some women from our team and others every Monday, simply to spend time with Jesus and be there for one another. Thursdays is the Bible Study for the ladies in 7de Laan, which has become a surprising oasis for Justine, giving her a lot of input and inspiration from God's word. Surprising, because usually you consider "giving" as emptying... but with God usually things are pretty upside down ;) 

Lastly there's the simply fellowship with Jesus - every day, just so, at the washing line, in the car, at the supermarket till. Yes, we do aim to have regular times with God and in the Bible. But because there's definitely room to grow here for us - and because our relationship with Jesus shouldn't just rely on that - we try to just speak with him throughout the day, keep our ears open to the guidance of his Spirit and to take each moment, each person that comes our way as a gift straight out of his hands.