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{INSIDER} 3rd of October 2017

"Stop for the ONE!"

When we first heard this phrase in Mozambique five years ago (t's been soooo long!) the concept grabbed our hearts. To put aside whatever programs, plans and goals we have and attend to the person whose path God has crossed with ours. To listen, keep our eyes open and especially not assume coincidences. This is the essence of the Gospel, since it's pretty much what Jesus did every day - to love your neighbor. No matter who, no matter where. And then crazy things happened, because God could do His thing as the right opportunities were ceased. We can all experience this today... 

...except - it's so dang hard! We are so challenged because we've got stuff to do (we're not alone, right?). How do I stop for the one when I have my kids in tow? Or we have to be at XYZ on time? When I'm in the middle of a meeting or my train is about to go? How do I stop for the one, when I have exactly nothing to give, God seems far away and I don't even have answers to my own questions?

We are certainly no experts but three things we know for sure: there is no formula, it takes courage and it's always a blessing. Every time God asks us to talk to or spend time with someone it looks differently and the challenges are different in the moment. Secondly, it always takes quite an effort because we often ask ourselves "what on earth will this person think of me?" or the classic one "did I really hear God or just imagine this?!". And lastly, it always ends up being a blessing. Either because the person reacts positively and it becomes clear that he or she experienced God's love (and not necessarily with words!). On the other hand, when there's no reaction (or only a negative one), you end up blessed because you just did it and your faith grows. 

Many people think that we do this all day long because we are missionaries. Far from it! Most of our days are filled with a million mundane jobs, meetings, cooking, project planning, groceries, school work, accounting, laundry, applications and emails, paperwork and quarreling kids - so it's not easy! We want to grow in stopping for the one. How about you?

Photo: A happy kiddies-bandaid-recipient at one of our wellness days, offered weekly at Hope Centre.