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{INSIDER} 8th of November 2017

Through God's work in recent months, we have experienced a great deal of breakthrough in the various ministries. A very big prayer request was the HOSA Bus (b.l.), which is now traveling in the gangster areas of Cape Town under the leadership of Rene and his team. In our 7de Laan computer classes (b.r.) we had three, at most five, participants a few months ago. Today, the 16 computers are fully occupied on both training days a week - sometimes even beyond. Our preschool had 10 to 12 children at the beginning of the year. Now the number has increased to 23 children.

Some of these breakthroughs can look "small" to the onlooker but when one knows the context it becomes something very special. For example, we've had a lot of families from 7de Laan attend the 8-week Strengthening Families Course (t.l.) where - in some cases for the first time - parents and children have played games or talked about feelings.  
Then Ricky, who we've been journeying with for a while and who has been in a drug rehab for the last weeks, had his first weekend out. He wanted to spend time with his friends and family from 7de Laan over a meal and fellowship (t.r.). So many very shocked and moved to tears to see him still clean and positive about his life.

It's these small big rays of light that give us lots of courage and hope amidst the often overwhelming circumstances and challenges: Jesus moves and he has a plan!