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{INSIDER} 25th of May 2018

We have been back in South Africa for a week and look back on two beautiful, albeit intense months in Germany. This collage is just a mini-insight into our encounters and experiences. A lot of things - especially the personal, relational stuff - could not be photographed at all and words also fail me. The fact is: we are grateful for every person with whom we were allowed to spend valuable (and always too little) time because we felt so enriched with each encounter. And of course we hope that we were able to  "leave" something as well.

We had barely arrived in Cape Town and life was already back to full speed - emergency meetings, a birthday party (Leon turned 5!), our ministries in 7de Laan, Annual Report for HOSA, then this afternoon the Annual General Meeting, with almost twice as many participants as expected squeezing into our living room (a good problem to have!). So we were glad to have planned the last 2 weeks of our trip as a holiday in Italy where we had an exciting and also relaxing buffer between our two home countries. It definitely never gets boring with God!