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{INSIDER} 6th of July 2018

In the last two weeks the women's ministry in 7de Laan took a break to make space for an amazing Initiative, that a lot of women joined, who I (Justine) get to be with every week in our ladies' meeting. Here are the infos we just posted on the HOSA Facebook page:

"This year, we had the privilege to work together with "The Mama Project" again! Around 30 women from different places and backgrounds took part, the majority from 7de Laan! The theme this time was water shortage, memories, what we carry, what we hope for (see rainbow and sun!). At the end all the different dances, movements, songs, thoughts and art works culminated in a beautiful play called "Together We Can". The ladies took so much pride (and newly discovered talents!) in performing it in two different places. We can already tell, just two days after the moving final celebration, that many women have new hope and inspiration to change their lives and faith to reach out for their dreams and goals again! A huge thank you to the amazing Mama Project Team for all your hard work, creativity and huge passion!"

For me personally, it was fascinating to watch the ladies come out of their shell and shine because a challenge was set before them (the big performance). The chance to be creative, to share their stories and find out that women who are different still share so many similarities - no matter the skin color or bank statement - was truly revolutionary for them. Our women's ministry team will spend the rest of the year picking up and carrying on from what started here - more to that soon!