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{INSIDER} 2nd of August 2018

We have realised - again - how long it's been since our last update! The reason is simply that there has been soooo much going on in our lives, on many levels. Here is just a glimpse into the ministry side of things:

The preschool Hope School is now filled with 40 registered children and we will be adding another classroom soon. "A Heart for Children" and a Dutch church have made this possible through their generous donation. However, we have already extended our school a bit by creating an additional outside space through an outdoor awning, so that the children have a bigger play area during bad weather and also to have more room to run our other programs.

The aquaponics garden will soon get a new face. The old greenhouses will be passed on to one of our partners and soon a 16m x 4m greenhouse will be built on site. We hope that with this construction we will be able to provide the soup kitchen and preschool with even more healthy food and vegetables. In addition to that we hope to sell some of our products in organic food stores. This is another way to minimize our running costs of the preschool and soup kitchen.

Our men & women ministry is developing so well. More and more participants have decided to turn their back on drugs. We now drive weekly to the Christian rehab center to either bring people, pick them up for weekends out or to visit them. The ladies are starting a 13 week evening program next week which will cover topics like identity, health and sexuality. We are really amazed at how some people are truly grasping new hope and changing their lives with Jesus.

All this would not be possible if God had not brought great partners on our side. With a big donation from Wings of Support we are able to keep partnering with Hands & Feet to keep running the family preservation and strengthening programs. Through Hands & Feet we also have the blessing of a full-time social worker now, who's expertise and legal authority is really making a positive impact on the oh so big problems of many broken families.