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{INSIDER} 4th of October 2018

The Hope Center lives up to its name right now: it's truly a living place of concrete hope!

1. Unfortunately the night before yesterday, a fire broke out in 7de Laan, which destroyed 8 houses. Thankfully, all residents, including many children, have come away unscathed. Within hours, donation goods were dropped off and sorted at the Hope Center yesterday, food prepared for those affected, a diaper changing station set up, and the immediate visit of our local councillor immediately contacted the city to remove the debris and basic structure kits were delivered. At the moment, there is no need for further help, as donations are still coming in. We are just thankful for our great team and the many helpers who were ready to get their hands in there help. And for a place where that can happen safely and peacefully. That's love in action.

2. Two weeks ago, the new classroom for the Hope School was delivered under the supervision of a fascinated, small audience! Finally, there is not so much noise between the classes, which were otherwise only separated by a sliding door in the large double room. There will also be a small office and meeting room, which is urgently needed for the many activities in the Hope Center.

3. The Cherish Ladies Nights are in full swing on Tuesday nights at the Hope Center. On one of our first evenings, we asked for the ladies' expectations for this 13 week course ... "I want to relax," many said. Now 9 weeks have passed, we have a dedicated core group of 10-15 women and the atmosphere is really full of peace and openness. What a gift! I (Justine) had the honor to speak on three evenings, which was great fun but also seriously challenging at times.

4. There is a lot of activity in the greenhouse as well: the new Aquaponics system is being set up! The large fish tanks are already in place, the walls are lined with the tube beds, and the middle hosts the containers for the floating beds so that the space is used entirely. Safety nets will obviously be installed on the pools, because the Hope School children will also have their own small garden and will therefore often visit the greenhouse. We hope to start a commercial business with the produce to sustainably finance the Hope Center.