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{INSIDER} 7th of May, 2019

Hi, Justine here! I have to mention what a great women's team and ministry I get to be a part of! I'm not often in 7de Laan, but the Tuesday nights with our core group of about 7-10 women is a special highlight for me. Linda, Phoebe, Trix and sometimes spontaneous helpers/ volunteers /visitors have created a special atmosphere of peace, inspiration and creativity in the recent months. A big focus of this evening is to promote a closer bond - a sisterhood - among us women. Often, jealousy, gossip and quarrels make life in the community very lonely. Through games, creative projects (as pictured for Easter), spiritual input and of course a looooot of tea, we have been able to feel a "drawing closer" over the past few weeks - a sincere care for each other, a listening and an openness for which we are very grateful to God!

In our larger team, we have often talked about how much harder it is for women than men to break free from the cycle of drugs, poverty, gangs or unhealthy relationships. Most of them carry the sole responsibility for the family, especially their children. Simply handing it over (and the question is always ... to whom?) and going to a rehab (which often does not welcome children) may seem like abandonment. And of course we encourage them not to just leave their children behind - though they really do need the intervention. It is really complicated and it always requires an individual solution...

But it is not impossible, as the example of Ashre shows. She has successfully completed a rehab and even though the reintegration was bumpy, God has sustained her and provided her with a temporary home, where she can prepare for a new future with her son. We try to continue journeying with her as a team. But just like for all the other women (and men, and children, and families) in the communities, we ask for a lot of prayer for wisdom, ideas, open doors, and above all, sustainable solutions that empower women like Ashre to lead independent, healthy lives and reach their full potential!